Part 4: Promote

Even if it’s just a little added from time to time, every drop of sharing, caring and love counts. You are Remarkable!

Hello Friends,

Well here we are, the start of a wonderful new season and closing in on the end of a very interesting year. As we look to new adventures and/or beginnings I would like of offer my final post in the P4 Blog Tweet Streak posts…Promote!

You put a lot of time, effort, training and work into your craft. Whether your talent comes natural or it is the result of study and development, either way, over the years it still needs to be nurtured, feed and cared for daily, or as often as possible, Daily :-). You deserve to shout about what you do. It is not bragging, brazen, or boastful when done with tact, thankfulness, and truth. Whether you tweet your accomplishments, post, blog or share the old fashioned way, word of mouth, or word of Mom, as mine would say; Promoting yourself is a good way to let people know you are a doer, a world changer (even if it’s just your little corner). I say this because I believe in the efforts of those who are promoting wellness, healthy living, the Arts…Life.

If you are hesitant to Self Promote here are some helpful perspectives to assist you with shining through!

1. Opportunity to share your skills with others. Maybe even barter or exchange to expand your horizons and help us each meet our goals and reach success.

2. Opportunity to provide a much needed service or guidance to your home and world community. We won’t know what wonders you have discovered if you don’t share. We don’t know where to find you and how to support you if you don’t promote.

3. Finally, there is so much inspiration and appreciation to be shared, even in a good natured way, a little competition, it’s healthy; plenty to keep you motivated, encouraged and challenged. All these positives can happen, but only if we all do our part to share, tell and celebrate our talents, gifts, creations, and products. Evolving, Growing, Emerging; Promote the talent within and around us!!!

I hope you have enjoyed the series; Pursue your Passion, master your Productivity, create great Product and Promote like hell!!!! You are awesome, know it, and show it. Please continue in greatness and check back here every so often for information, inspiration and from time to time, a little shamelss self promotion:-)!

Friends share, care and will be here!!!!

Peace, Love and Blessings,



About Dezera RB Davis

Dezera R.B. Davis is a Michigan based Author, Fine Artist and Photographer. As an Author, Dezera specializes in Cozy Mysteries/Queens Acorn Shadowbox Mysteries, and Fantasy/Sci-Fi Adventure Series. Dezera's hobbies include writing poetry, song lyrics, and research. Dezera enjoys most genres of music, watching movies and talking sci-fi. She loves new technology, and old Hollywood glamour. Dezera is also the proud mama of a crazy, stubborn, handsome, and loving American Bulldog – Bilbo E. Mortimer Davis. Dezera through her Literary and artistic works hopes to create pieces that move you to explore your own creative and artistic side, whether that means appreciation, sharing with others, developing your personal craft or using it as a launch pad to bigger and better dreams. If you seek, I hope you find, When you find I hope you know, and when you know, I pray you hold onto the feeling, but share the gift! Dezera just released Eternal Essence of Being: The Measure of Enough. A stand alone Adult Fiction novel available on for purchase.
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