Week 2: Productivity



I hope you are enjoying the blog posts on this site (www.dezeradavis.wordpress.com) and getting a chance to catch related tweets @dezera on twitter. As always, feel free to leave any thoughts and comments in either spots, or the facebook fanpage for Dezera www.facebook.com/artbydezera, Like the page and leave a comment, link or message. Sorry, for the ‘ad-dy’ opening, but along with being examples of my productivity, they are also a way to let you all know how much I would appreciate hearing your thoughts and sharing them with the world.

I have been reading a lot of online articles, blogs and post recently. Searching for inspiration, answers to getting motivated or understanding procrastination or even promoting myself as a professional. I have found some surprisingly good resources, which I will share throughout the week on twitter. Most importantly, I have found what I wanted to bring to you all through this 4 week series; purpose, excitement, enthusiasm and motivation.

I am finding the more I reach out to my fellow artists, the more I expand and open my mind to new blogs and tweets and stories about other creative professionals; the more I find there are great communicators and artists out here sharing valuable information and communities. When writing and sharing I like to offer real life examples (based on what I have learned through trial, error or as I like to say discovery) and experience. These instances are what have led to a greater understanding of my gifts and what I would like to give to the world and receive from the world; hopefully we can do wonderful things together.

Here are a few thoughts I’ve noted on my way to getting things done:

Do Something – you may have noticed this reoccurring theme here, with good reason. Doing should be an ongoing process, second only by accomplishment. An interesting article I read discussed the difference between a professional artist and an amateur artist. It stated that a professional does something in regards to their art career/work Everyday; not just when they are “in the mood.” This struck a huge chord with me, as I see myself growing as a professional, I have very much embraced the whole, “I have to feel or be in the right place or mood” to create. I definitely feel and see how it hampers my productivity – as mood and moody walk a fine line.

Over the past month or so, I have been very cognizant of this idea. Minding my awareness, I have worked actively to just get up and go if you will. This series is a direct result of that initiative. I’ll demonstrate:

First, since this lack of motion had been on mind I knew I needed to attack the issue head on, enter the head complete with an awesome idea.

Second, I took a few notes (remember the tweet from yesterday; this is how I know the 5 minute focus time works), also ‘noting’ that I was in a great and creative mood. Knowing the creative+mood+action formula has not been working so great lately I countered with the promise, no insistence to myself to follow through.

Side bar: Be fair to yourself, sometimes overzealousness can be our biggest deflator. Rather than ‘promising’ or forcing myself to get right on it (only to beat myself up later for not doing so) I gave myself a fair but mandatory aka time sensitive deadline

Third, I sent out an announcement on twitter and my Dezera (www.facebook.com/artbydezera) fanpage letting everyone know that I would be starting a “tweet streak” and blogging a series of articles, accompanied by random posts and tweets including additional tips and resources. Tip: By sending out advanced notification and announcing my plans, I essentially committed to the task. At this point, I had to follow through;

Note: To be taken as a professional, give professionally! I now had my ‘rep’ to protect.

Fourth, when my time sensitive deadline approached, I sensibly tweeted (as promised) my message, and constructed and posted my blog series accordingly.

All of these factors had to be combined to ensure productivity. I stated earlier I share best by example. I hope that you are able to see some of the key factors to productivity through this example;

  1. Arm and educate yourself with the resources available. Fill your mind so that you have an endless arsenal from which to do battle with procrastination. Be ready when inspiration strikes or time comes to charge the gates blocking your creativity and productivity.
  2. Set a time sensitive deadline and tell the world; accountability is key to productivity.
  3. Follow through; you may easily fall into the trap of fooling yourself in regards to your mood to get moving; so make your action plan foolproof!

Your Creativity and Productivity have to meet, and with all the Wonders that you can do, Success is sure to greet you too!


Dreams Realized 3D, LLC

Lotsa Little Things/Gallery 248


About Dezera RB Davis

Dezera R.B. Davis is a Michigan based Author, Fine Artist and Photographer. As an Author, Dezera specializes in Cozy Mysteries/Queens Acorn Shadowbox Mysteries, and Fantasy/Sci-Fi Adventure Series. www.dezeradavis.com www.dezerawriterslife.wordpress.com www.facebook.com/dezeradavis Dezera's hobbies include writing poetry, song lyrics, and research. Dezera enjoys most genres of music, watching movies and talking sci-fi. She loves new technology, and old Hollywood glamour. Dezera is also the proud mama of a crazy, stubborn, handsome, and loving American Bulldog – Bilbo E. Mortimer Davis. Dezera through her Literary and artistic works hopes to create pieces that move you to explore your own creative and artistic side, whether that means appreciation, sharing with others, developing your personal craft or using it as a launch pad to bigger and better dreams. If you seek, I hope you find, When you find I hope you know, and when you know, I pray you hold onto the feeling, but share the gift! Dezera just released Eternal Essence of Being: The Measure of Enough. A stand alone Adult Fiction novel available on Amazon.com for purchase.
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