Week One: Passion – Passion Flower Herb


Think Free, relax with Passion Flower tea

I hope this week finds you well into discovering, exploring, and enjoying your passion. Working, creating and thinking of all the ways you can share your talent with the world.

I know sometimes it can be a little challenging to get motivated. All the ideas and projects stored inside your brain kinda go nowhere without a little steam. As artists we are open to seeing the world in a new fresh perspective, but that openness can have its drawbacks. We may be prone to let in a little more perspective then we mean to from time to time. We tend to be able to see all sides, which makes focusing on just one side a little more difficult.

In searching for a way to reel it all in and focus, I researched, well frantically typed into Google Search, key terms relating to anxiety, relaxation, stress reduction, focus, calmness, etc. in hopes of finding a natural remedy to help me, Calm down. I discovered Passion Flower herb.

Passion Flower (Passiflora incarnate) Folk Name: Maypops, is a natural herb. While you may question how a calming herb is to help when what you are trying to do is be energetic and on the move, I’m happy to answer. I believe that passion flower’s calming and anti-anxiety effects aid in centering the mind. I find that by relaxing my mind, I am able to see my tasks, goals, and desires as they should be, tackled, works in progress or completed. I can paint for myself a more realistic picture of my motivation, aspiration, and accomplishments, even writing this post for example. I was able to determine a process or approach versus being overwhelmed by the resources, references and content I wanted to deliver.

Research:  I wanted to purchase passion flower as a loose herb for fresh pure passion flower tea, as opposed to a tea blend. I found a few sources online, but…I’m a little picky about where I buy my herbs. I visited the health food stores in the area at the time, without any luck for the dry leaves. I was able to find a tea maker Traditional Medicinals® who does have a tea blend containing passion flower. Organic Nighty Night®. This was the only one I found that contained a high percentage of passion flower in relation to other herbs or that listed it among the blend ingredients. Note: I found the product in my local market. It is also available online.

For the record; please research and use your best judgment when trying any new product. Remember we are all individuals with our own unique experiences.

I am still on the hunt for the loose herb. I have enlisted the aid of a local tea and spice shop. If we are successful in our search, I will be sure to let you all know.

Peace, Love and Blessings


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About Dezera RB Davis

Dezera R.B. Davis is a Michigan based Author, Fine Artist and Photographer. As an Author, Dezera specializes in Cozy Mysteries/Queens Acorn Shadowbox Mysteries, and Fantasy/Sci-Fi Adventure Series. www.dezeradavis.com www.dezerawriterslife.wordpress.com www.facebook.com/dezeradavis Dezera's hobbies include writing poetry, song lyrics, and research. Dezera enjoys most genres of music, watching movies and talking sci-fi. She loves new technology, and old Hollywood glamour. Dezera is also the proud mama of a crazy, stubborn, handsome, and loving American Bulldog – Bilbo E. Mortimer Davis. Dezera through her Literary and artistic works hopes to create pieces that move you to explore your own creative and artistic side, whether that means appreciation, sharing with others, developing your personal craft or using it as a launch pad to bigger and better dreams. If you seek, I hope you find, When you find I hope you know, and when you know, I pray you hold onto the feeling, but share the gift! Dezera just released Eternal Essence of Being: The Measure of Enough. A stand alone Adult Fiction novel available on Amazon.com for purchase.
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2 Responses to Week One: Passion – Passion Flower Herb

  1. helen davis says:

    i enjoyed reading about the plant and herbing im so into the holistic medicine and therefore into herbs of any and all kinds. so as much information on herbs that you can drink or eat or cook with please keep me informed.

    • Dezera says:

      Hi Helen, thank you for your comment. Holistic Medicine is a wonderful field and so much unexplored and to explore. I appreciate your interest in consumable herbs and will keep you informed with additional resources I think would be helpful.

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