Week One – Passion

As promised, I am releasing a series of blog articles at https://dezeradavis.wordpress.com to help us artists and fellow creative types get motivated and compensated. This week’s topic is Passion. As in finding your passion, and the business of doing what you love.

Passion is that fire that burns within. The heat of the fire inside that lets you know in your gut, your heart, your blood that you are doing the right thing, the best thing for you. Sometimes in life, we feel that spark, our interest is peaked, it is then we choose to fan the flames, see through the smoke and start a fire; or water down the embers with fear, doubt, criticism and/or despair and wear them down to ashes. But oh, when we chose the former and let those fires burn we become the images that dance and bring life to the silhouettes on the wall, the imagination is stirred and our creative soul rises.

I think it safe to say we all have some idea about what we like, enjoy doing and are good at doing; however, how often do we pursue those things with earnest effort and belief that they are the right thing, the thing we are going to do. Take into account, many of us have jobs that may incorporate some aspect of what we like, what we enjoy or what we are good at doing. Too often we find ourselves settling in a lifestyle of tasks because they fit. They fit our financial needs or obligation, they fit our skills and abilities, or they fit the requirements for day to day survival. Now imagine meeting all those criteria but by doing something you are passionate about. This journey is not an easy one or a simple undertaking otherwise I’m sure in all your wit and intelligence you would have been there, done that so to speak.

The key to finding, exploring and pursuing your passion is an art form all its own. Here are some ideas to help you identify, discover or explore your passion:

Think back to your youth when you were not afraid to try new things. When you truly believed you could be or do anything you wanted. You would pick up a pencil and draw, rushing to show the world your finished art. You would pick up a musical instrument and play to a crowd, notes be damned. You would sing out loud and were never afraid to make up the lyrics as you go. Your creativity was yours to share. If you had an idea, you shared it, if you created something new you shared it, if you wrote a poem, a song and story, you shared it. Why…because you believed in the source, you believed in yourself.

Make a sketchbook by recycling paper or buy a notebook from the dollar store, or art supply store. Begin to sketch out ideas, make lists, ramble, write. Use this book as your Open Mind. A visual representation of all your thoughts before they are filtered, evaluated, censored or forgotten.

Invite randomness into your day. Instead of deciding when to do something, do something. It’s crazy, risky, exciting and un-inhibited, just like your creativity. Sometimes I leave a canvas up on the easel, or drawing tools on the sofa, just for these times.

Take a mental assessment (or make a list if you prefer) of what you enjoy, and what about it you would like to share with the world. This can be rather complex, so I will use myself as an example. I enjoy nature, watching animals in their natural habitat, and viewing the evening and night sky. I reflected on how I feel during these moments, the emotions, ideas, thoughts, and memories, all that I am during these times. I determined what I wanted to share with the world was the peace, freedom and beauty I found. Photography, poetry, lyrics and painting were the creative outlets I pursued. I know what I enjoy, I know what I would like to share with the world, now the why and how is my passion in all its glory.

Please follow my tweets during the four week tweet streak; they will be filled this week with tips, resources and ideas to help fuel and ignite you in your passion. Follow @dezera on twitter. Share this blog https://dezeradavis.wordpress.com site and post with friends. Check back throughout the following weeks for the series continuation and check back often for blogs on art, artist and related interests. Peace, Love and Blessings, Dezera

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About Dezera RB Davis

Dezera R.B. Davis is a Michigan based Author, Fine Artist and Photographer. As an Author, Dezera specializes in Cozy Mysteries/Queens Acorn Shadowbox Mysteries, and Fantasy/Sci-Fi Adventure Series. www.dezeradavis.com www.dezerawriterslife.wordpress.com www.facebook.com/dezeradavis Dezera's hobbies include writing poetry, song lyrics, and research. Dezera enjoys most genres of music, watching movies and talking sci-fi. She loves new technology, and old Hollywood glamour. Dezera is also the proud mama of a crazy, stubborn, handsome, and loving American Bulldog – Bilbo E. Mortimer Davis. Dezera through her Literary and artistic works hopes to create pieces that move you to explore your own creative and artistic side, whether that means appreciation, sharing with others, developing your personal craft or using it as a launch pad to bigger and better dreams. If you seek, I hope you find, When you find I hope you know, and when you know, I pray you hold onto the feeling, but share the gift! Dezera just released Eternal Essence of Being: The Measure of Enough. A stand alone Adult Fiction novel available on Amazon.com for purchase.
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