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Part 4: Promote

Even if it’s just a little added from time to time, every drop of sharing, caring and love counts. You are Remarkable!

Hello Friends,

Well here we are, the start of a wonderful new season and closing in on the end of a very interesting year. As we look to new adventures and/or beginnings I would like of offer my final post in the P4 Blog Tweet Streak posts…Promote!

You put a lot of time, effort, training and work into your craft. Whether your talent comes natural or it is the result of study and development, either way, over the years it still needs to be nurtured, feed and cared for daily, or as often as possible, Daily :-). You deserve to shout about what you do. It is not bragging, brazen, or boastful when done with tact, thankfulness, and truth. Whether you tweet your accomplishments, post, blog or share the old fashioned way, word of mouth, or word of Mom, as mine would say; Promoting yourself is a good way to let people know you are a doer, a world changer (even if it’s just your little corner). I say this because I believe in the efforts of those who are promoting wellness, healthy living, the Arts…Life.

If you are hesitant to Self Promote here are some helpful perspectives to assist you with shining through!

1. Opportunity to share your skills with others. Maybe even barter or exchange to expand your horizons and help us each meet our goals and reach success.

2. Opportunity to provide a much needed service or guidance to your home and world community. We won’t know what wonders you have discovered if you don’t share. We don’t know where to find you and how to support you if you don’t promote.

3. Finally, there is so much inspiration and appreciation to be shared, even in a good natured way, a little competition, it’s healthy; plenty to keep you motivated, encouraged and challenged. All these positives can happen, but only if we all do our part to share, tell and celebrate our talents, gifts, creations, and products. Evolving, Growing, Emerging; Promote the talent within and around us!!!

I hope you have enjoyed the series; Pursue your Passion, master your Productivity, create great Product and Promote like hell!!!! You are awesome, know it, and show it. Please continue in greatness and check back here every so often for information, inspiration and from time to time, a little shamelss self promotion:-)!

Friends share, care and will be here!!!!

Peace, Love and Blessings,







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20 Percent off Photography Prints by Dezera at Lotsa Little Things/Gallery 248 exp 11-30-2012

Customer Appreciation: 20% off Dezera Davis Photography Prints exp 11-30-2012

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New Artwork by Dezera @ Lotsa Little Things/Gallery 248

I have new artwork, 5 oils and 1 acrylic painting available for purchase at Lotsa Little Things/Gallery 248, located downtown Kalamazoo, MI. 49007

Artwork on display and available for purchase, 248 N Kalamazoo Mall, Lotsa Little Things/Gallery 248 http://www.lotsalittlethings.com


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It has been a while, but I am back in gear. I have been setting up a few things and working on marketing, ideas, books, etc. My aim here, as always, is to bring Quality information to my readers. So, apologizes for the delay but I don’t write no junk!

This 3rd post is a continuation of the 4 part (probably would have been best to name it that instead of 4 week, hmmm) series to help fellow artists gain insight into getting, staying and being motivated and compensated.

PRODUCT…is required. It is important, not just for profit or any other tangible outcome, but it also allows you the freedom to move on, advance in your creativity, and succeed in nurturing your creative self. Nothing is more healing or stimulating then seeing your ideas through to fruition. I have said before, the best way to get started it to Do Something. The best advice is to work on your craft daily. Every little bit counts. Focus on the small successes and make in everyday a moment that you can say ‘I did’. Sometimes your “I Did” moment may be that you focused your thoughts on a specific idea. For instance, I would like to create a signature piece for my art show in November, my “I Did” moments over the past couple of days have been to take time to repeat thoughts about what I want the piece to reflect, to say, to show. I pass visions back and forth; air sketch (like air guitar, only using a pencil) and daydream a little. It may look idle to an outsider, but for me, at the end of the day I know I am one step closer to Product. I did focus on my art today! These moments will eventually transfer to paper, to canvas, to You.

Here is an example of this process:

I was talking to my brother while he was doing some marketing work for the AFROPUNK event in Brooklyn, New York this summer. We would talk by phone in the evenings while he chilled after work on the rooftop of his building. When he got ready to head downstairs to his apartment at the end of the call, I could always here the rooftop door creak open. The sound, for me begins to transform into a picture.

I begin to think about the sound, and give it character and physical form. I started to sketch.

The following pictures are the transformation of the sound into an artistic painting.

This is the original sketch. I am getting the perspective and layout/design transferred from the images in my mind to paper.

Original sketch. Trying to get perpective and layout design.

This is the original 2nd draft. The image is starting to come together. I have now set up my perpective and color scheme.

This is the final color scheme. Note how the drawing changed. The door is now larger. Allow your ideas to flow. Be flexible and open to playing with layout and design.

This is the final painting. Notice how I went back to the small door. Ultimately, choose the image that best reflects your vision.

Product! My painting is now available for sale at the gallery. Lotsa Little Things / Gallery 248. 248 North Kalamazoo Mall, Downtown Kalamazoo Michigan, 49007

This is the final product. My “I DID” moment!

No matter what your path to product is, please always understand, respect and enjoy the journey!

Peace, Love and Blessings,


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Week 2: Productivity



I hope you are enjoying the blog posts on this site (www.dezeradavis.wordpress.com) and getting a chance to catch related tweets @dezera on twitter. As always, feel free to leave any thoughts and comments in either spots, or the facebook fanpage for Dezera www.facebook.com/artbydezera, Like the page and leave a comment, link or message. Sorry, for the ‘ad-dy’ opening, but along with being examples of my productivity, they are also a way to let you all know how much I would appreciate hearing your thoughts and sharing them with the world.

I have been reading a lot of online articles, blogs and post recently. Searching for inspiration, answers to getting motivated or understanding procrastination or even promoting myself as a professional. I have found some surprisingly good resources, which I will share throughout the week on twitter. Most importantly, I have found what I wanted to bring to you all through this 4 week series; purpose, excitement, enthusiasm and motivation.

I am finding the more I reach out to my fellow artists, the more I expand and open my mind to new blogs and tweets and stories about other creative professionals; the more I find there are great communicators and artists out here sharing valuable information and communities. When writing and sharing I like to offer real life examples (based on what I have learned through trial, error or as I like to say discovery) and experience. These instances are what have led to a greater understanding of my gifts and what I would like to give to the world and receive from the world; hopefully we can do wonderful things together.

Here are a few thoughts I’ve noted on my way to getting things done:

Do Something – you may have noticed this reoccurring theme here, with good reason. Doing should be an ongoing process, second only by accomplishment. An interesting article I read discussed the difference between a professional artist and an amateur artist. It stated that a professional does something in regards to their art career/work Everyday; not just when they are “in the mood.” This struck a huge chord with me, as I see myself growing as a professional, I have very much embraced the whole, “I have to feel or be in the right place or mood” to create. I definitely feel and see how it hampers my productivity – as mood and moody walk a fine line.

Over the past month or so, I have been very cognizant of this idea. Minding my awareness, I have worked actively to just get up and go if you will. This series is a direct result of that initiative. I’ll demonstrate:

First, since this lack of motion had been on mind I knew I needed to attack the issue head on, enter the head complete with an awesome idea.

Second, I took a few notes (remember the tweet from yesterday; this is how I know the 5 minute focus time works), also ‘noting’ that I was in a great and creative mood. Knowing the creative+mood+action formula has not been working so great lately I countered with the promise, no insistence to myself to follow through.

Side bar: Be fair to yourself, sometimes overzealousness can be our biggest deflator. Rather than ‘promising’ or forcing myself to get right on it (only to beat myself up later for not doing so) I gave myself a fair but mandatory aka time sensitive deadline

Third, I sent out an announcement on twitter and my Dezera (www.facebook.com/artbydezera) fanpage letting everyone know that I would be starting a “tweet streak” and blogging a series of articles, accompanied by random posts and tweets including additional tips and resources. Tip: By sending out advanced notification and announcing my plans, I essentially committed to the task. At this point, I had to follow through;

Note: To be taken as a professional, give professionally! I now had my ‘rep’ to protect.

Fourth, when my time sensitive deadline approached, I sensibly tweeted (as promised) my message, and constructed and posted my blog series accordingly.

All of these factors had to be combined to ensure productivity. I stated earlier I share best by example. I hope that you are able to see some of the key factors to productivity through this example;

  1. Arm and educate yourself with the resources available. Fill your mind so that you have an endless arsenal from which to do battle with procrastination. Be ready when inspiration strikes or time comes to charge the gates blocking your creativity and productivity.
  2. Set a time sensitive deadline and tell the world; accountability is key to productivity.
  3. Follow through; you may easily fall into the trap of fooling yourself in regards to your mood to get moving; so make your action plan foolproof!

Your Creativity and Productivity have to meet, and with all the Wonders that you can do, Success is sure to greet you too!


Dreams Realized 3D, LLC

Lotsa Little Things/Gallery 248

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Week One: Passion – Passion Flower Herb


Think Free, relax with Passion Flower tea

I hope this week finds you well into discovering, exploring, and enjoying your passion. Working, creating and thinking of all the ways you can share your talent with the world.

I know sometimes it can be a little challenging to get motivated. All the ideas and projects stored inside your brain kinda go nowhere without a little steam. As artists we are open to seeing the world in a new fresh perspective, but that openness can have its drawbacks. We may be prone to let in a little more perspective then we mean to from time to time. We tend to be able to see all sides, which makes focusing on just one side a little more difficult.

In searching for a way to reel it all in and focus, I researched, well frantically typed into Google Search, key terms relating to anxiety, relaxation, stress reduction, focus, calmness, etc. in hopes of finding a natural remedy to help me, Calm down. I discovered Passion Flower herb.

Passion Flower (Passiflora incarnate) Folk Name: Maypops, is a natural herb. While you may question how a calming herb is to help when what you are trying to do is be energetic and on the move, I’m happy to answer. I believe that passion flower’s calming and anti-anxiety effects aid in centering the mind. I find that by relaxing my mind, I am able to see my tasks, goals, and desires as they should be, tackled, works in progress or completed. I can paint for myself a more realistic picture of my motivation, aspiration, and accomplishments, even writing this post for example. I was able to determine a process or approach versus being overwhelmed by the resources, references and content I wanted to deliver.

Research:  I wanted to purchase passion flower as a loose herb for fresh pure passion flower tea, as opposed to a tea blend. I found a few sources online, but…I’m a little picky about where I buy my herbs. I visited the health food stores in the area at the time, without any luck for the dry leaves. I was able to find a tea maker Traditional Medicinals® who does have a tea blend containing passion flower. Organic Nighty Night®. This was the only one I found that contained a high percentage of passion flower in relation to other herbs or that listed it among the blend ingredients. Note: I found the product in my local market. It is also available online.

For the record; please research and use your best judgment when trying any new product. Remember we are all individuals with our own unique experiences.

I am still on the hunt for the loose herb. I have enlisted the aid of a local tea and spice shop. If we are successful in our search, I will be sure to let you all know.

Peace, Love and Blessings


Please feel free to comment on this article and share with friends. Tweet your passion @dezera on twitter

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Lotsa Little Things/Gallery 248 (see my artwork available for purchase and arts and crafts by local michigan artist in our artist co-op)

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Dreams Realized 3D, LLC


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Week One – Passion

As promised, I am releasing a series of blog articles at https://dezeradavis.wordpress.com to help us artists and fellow creative types get motivated and compensated. This week’s topic is Passion. As in finding your passion, and the business of doing what you love.

Passion is that fire that burns within. The heat of the fire inside that lets you know in your gut, your heart, your blood that you are doing the right thing, the best thing for you. Sometimes in life, we feel that spark, our interest is peaked, it is then we choose to fan the flames, see through the smoke and start a fire; or water down the embers with fear, doubt, criticism and/or despair and wear them down to ashes. But oh, when we chose the former and let those fires burn we become the images that dance and bring life to the silhouettes on the wall, the imagination is stirred and our creative soul rises.

I think it safe to say we all have some idea about what we like, enjoy doing and are good at doing; however, how often do we pursue those things with earnest effort and belief that they are the right thing, the thing we are going to do. Take into account, many of us have jobs that may incorporate some aspect of what we like, what we enjoy or what we are good at doing. Too often we find ourselves settling in a lifestyle of tasks because they fit. They fit our financial needs or obligation, they fit our skills and abilities, or they fit the requirements for day to day survival. Now imagine meeting all those criteria but by doing something you are passionate about. This journey is not an easy one or a simple undertaking otherwise I’m sure in all your wit and intelligence you would have been there, done that so to speak.

The key to finding, exploring and pursuing your passion is an art form all its own. Here are some ideas to help you identify, discover or explore your passion:

Think back to your youth when you were not afraid to try new things. When you truly believed you could be or do anything you wanted. You would pick up a pencil and draw, rushing to show the world your finished art. You would pick up a musical instrument and play to a crowd, notes be damned. You would sing out loud and were never afraid to make up the lyrics as you go. Your creativity was yours to share. If you had an idea, you shared it, if you created something new you shared it, if you wrote a poem, a song and story, you shared it. Why…because you believed in the source, you believed in yourself.

Make a sketchbook by recycling paper or buy a notebook from the dollar store, or art supply store. Begin to sketch out ideas, make lists, ramble, write. Use this book as your Open Mind. A visual representation of all your thoughts before they are filtered, evaluated, censored or forgotten.

Invite randomness into your day. Instead of deciding when to do something, do something. It’s crazy, risky, exciting and un-inhibited, just like your creativity. Sometimes I leave a canvas up on the easel, or drawing tools on the sofa, just for these times.

Take a mental assessment (or make a list if you prefer) of what you enjoy, and what about it you would like to share with the world. This can be rather complex, so I will use myself as an example. I enjoy nature, watching animals in their natural habitat, and viewing the evening and night sky. I reflected on how I feel during these moments, the emotions, ideas, thoughts, and memories, all that I am during these times. I determined what I wanted to share with the world was the peace, freedom and beauty I found. Photography, poetry, lyrics and painting were the creative outlets I pursued. I know what I enjoy, I know what I would like to share with the world, now the why and how is my passion in all its glory.

Please follow my tweets during the four week tweet streak; they will be filled this week with tips, resources and ideas to help fuel and ignite you in your passion. Follow @dezera on twitter. Share this blog https://dezeradavis.wordpress.com site and post with friends. Check back throughout the following weeks for the series continuation and check back often for blogs on art, artist and related interests. Peace, Love and Blessings, Dezera

www.dreamsrealized3d.com (Creative and Wellness Coaching; Dreams Realized 3D, LLC)

www.lotsalittlethings.com (Lotsa Little Things/Gallery 248)

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Hello world!


I would like to welcome you to my new blog site. This site is dedicated to and welcomes all creative types, artists and their fans. Always feel free to post comments and share what you have learned on this site and web/world wide! As this is a new site please continue to check back for site updates. I will be adding new posts often as well as redesigning the site. Rest assured that all content will remain in tact, so if you are looking for something or an earlier post it will be here or I will have provided redirect information. Again, thank you for taking the time to visit my site.

Check me out online:

@dezera follow on twitter

“Like” My Dezera fanpage ‘Dezera’ on Facebook


http://www.dreamsrealized3d.com   Dreams Realized 3D, LLC Creative and Wellness Coaching Company

http://www.lotsalittlethings.com Lotsa Little Things/Gallery 248

248 Kalamazoo Mall, Kalamazoo, MI. 49007

Peace, Love and Blessings


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